How to connect SIP Phone to Internet PBX


When switching from a traditional phone line to voice over IP or VoIP, Phone system using a session Initiation Protocol phone, you must and should configure to connect to your network, and then create a new call route in your private branch Exchange system to route calls to the SIP Phone. As soon as you link the two the PBX begins routing calls to the phone. This gives you clear information how to connect SIP phone to Internet PBX. You need to follow the steps below.

Steps to connect SIP Phone to Internet PBX

  • Initially we have to determine the IP address that SIP will have on your local network and the internal extension number that you will use for the phone.
  • Decide if your are going to use an authentication password with the phone and if so what the pass word will be.
  • Now you need to access the setup parameters of the SIP phone. Enter the fixed IP address the phone should on the network, The internal extension number and password if you are using authentication.
  • Login to your PBX administration panel as admin to add a route for the SIP phone. You have to create the new Extension to enter the extension number and password if you are using the authentication and IP address for the SIP phone.
  • Setup the other features associated with the extension for voice mail, call forwarding and call recording, save your changes and restart the phones services, if necessary
  • Finally you have to test the phone by calling in to extension from a cell phone and from an internal phone to ensure the calls are being routed correctly.