Commission Junction affiliate program review

By | December 9, 2014

Commission Junction is an online advertising company owned by Conservant Inc, operating in the affiliating industry which operates worldwide. It is one of the largest affiliate affiliate networks in the world and you have already in the affiliate marketing for some time you would have come across this at some point.

CJ offers largest selection of merchants for the publishers to choose from and it is considered as one of the largest affiliate marketing companies all over world. CJ’s website is easy to navigate and provides more reporting options than any of its competitors. CJ affiliate program provides publishers access to number of different affiliate opportunities, promoting well-known products, as well as one that address very small and specific niche.

Commission Junction affiliate program review




Commission junction offers more features than many of its competitors and one of the unique feature is the web-based email system which allows affiliates and advertisers to correspond with each other. This makes it easy for both publishers and advertisers to have a comunication without a middleman relying on messages. CJ do not organize advertisers as “premium advertisers”, but they represent premium and large businesses which are able to drive more traffic through advertising, increase commission amount.

CJ also informs its affiliates when an advertisement has got expired so that they can keep their website up to date. Few advertisers offer promotions or incentives and CJ let you access those advertisers easily by listing them on their Get Links page. Incentive are created by the merchants to motivate better affiliate performance. CJ offers payments either through cheque or direct deposit. Commissions are paid every month and threshold limit is for direct deposit is $50 and cheque is $100 which is higher compared to its competitors.

Ease of use

Registering to CJ, affiliate program very simple and immediately after registering, user will receive an email which allows them to sign into their account and begin exploiting the services that CJ offers. Registration process requires your contact information, web address of your website and the way you like to be payed either through direct deposit or cheque. After submitting all your information and agreeing to its terms and conditions, you will receive an email and click on it to confirm your email and identity and now everything is at your fingertips.

CJ’s homepage features an dashboard which displays all the insights and information of every user account. It also offers quick states which includes web site, commission earned, period, sales, leads, impressions and clicks, earnings per 1000 impressions, CTR, and Earnings Per Click, performance of seven days, three months and altogether.


  • Products and services offered by the advertisers are more reliable and well-known.
  • Offers many types of links to the affiliates, text links, banners, product links and search boxes and it makes easy to add HTML and banner links.
  • Commission is paid through Commission Junction, not through merchant. So, as long as commission from all merchants is more than their threshold, payment will be done.
  • Tracking has got better providing the link encryption and capability to hide the tracking code in link.


  • Payments threshold is $50 for direct deposit and $100 for cheque, which is higher when compared to others.
  • Hard to get attention from their customer support.
  • Commission earned by affiliates is protected only for 6 months when it is too small to be paid out.

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