Comcast soon to offer 2Mbps super-speed internet service in Atlanta

By | April 3, 2015

Just after Google promised to offer gigabit broadband in Atlanta, Georgia, Comcast has announced it will soon offer 2 Gbps internet to homes in the same city. This definitely clears people doubt of growing competition in the field of fiber-optic Internet service to the houses.


Comcast in its statement has mentioned to offer residential 2Gbps service, known as Gigabit Pro, to more than 1.5 million customers in Atlanta starting from May. Comcast in its blog has stated that its soon to expand its services to other part of US, making it available to about 18 million house by end of 2015. Pricing of this plan has not be disclosed so far nor the installation charges for installing the fiber line has been mentioned. This fast broadband service would be first available for those living closer to the fiber broadband network as they would be able to get a fiber line directly to their home.

The advertised speed of 2Gbps would be double of what Google announced to offer through Fiber service in Atlanta. To the locations Fiber has been launched high-speed internet services from tele-communication company have followed. In places like Kancas City, MO and Austin rivals like Comcast and AT&T have managed to launch their own home gigabit offerings to compete with the Chocolate Factory. Few days back, AT&T made announcement to widen its GigaPower internet service to Silicon Valley with a limited access in Cupertino. This place would be one of the few where Google is yet to arrive with its home gigabit plans, though the package comes with a huge surcharge and lack of privacy.

Credits to the hybrid fiber-optic backbone along with traditional residential coaxial service, Comcast can offer the relatively fast speed internet. However, the fast is not fast enough to compete with the new tiers of super-fast service of its rivals like Google and AT&T. These companies are starting to offer internet speed of 1 Gbps in several place around US while Comcast plans to double the speed only to its entice customers. Time is not far for Google and AT&T to enter to Atlanta as Google has already started advertising. Also, Gigabit Pro maybe faster but the service it demands are both expensive and limiting.

Though the company is quite sure and confident about what it is doing, industry experts and customers remain cynical about the cost/benefit ratio of high-speed multi-gigabit broadband service from Comcast, which is known for poor customer service and expensive products.