Comcast to offer gigabit internet to entire nation within two years



Comcast has started its 2 GBps internet services to a certain parts, but still the people from other parts of US don’t have any idea about this super fast internet services. Don’t worry folks, as the cable company has said that this gigabit internet service will be available for every customer of Comcast within next two to three years or no later than 2018.

The VP of Comcast said to FierceCable that the company is planning to replace the entire Comcast cable network by its DOCSIS 3.1 technology in next two years. Robert Howald, the VP of network architecture at Comcast says to FierceCable, “We’re testing it this years, our intent is to scale it through our footprint through 2016”

Initially most of the customers will get his hands on 1 gbps service, so which means you don’t have to worry much if you are using Google Fiber. The DOCSIS 3.1 standard cable can support up to 10 GBps, so once the technology cover entire Comcast network, it will give company more option for improvements or upgrade.

How fast the internet service works won’t matter if the price is too high, so price of this service will play a key role, as it will directly affect the customers. If price is affordable, then this superfast internet service could be used by a large amount of American people.