Comcast charges an extra $35 for unlimited data

By | November 4, 2015


Comcast has been trying pretty hard to keep customers interested in its products, as the company has recently announced that it was bringing lots of new contents to X1 cable box and now to complement its previous decision, it is offering an unlimited Internet plan for some extra bucks. This is a good move by Comcast as more and more people are switching from traditional cable services to streaming services.

Comcast has announced that it is rolling out an unlimited Internet Data plan at an additional price of $35 per month. This plan will allow users to get rid of its 300 gigabytes of monthly data plan in Atlanta, Nashville and Miami.

After monitoring the data usage and listening to feedback and complains of these three markets customers, the company has decided to charge an additional specific amount of money for users, who uses more than 300 GB data per month frequently.

Previously, Comcast charged additional $10 for each 50GB data that is used by Comcast users after consumption of 300 GB data. So, now with this new plan users will have to pay an extra amount of $35 on the top of current charges to use as much Internet data they want to use in one month.

If you are frequently using more than 300 GB, then only go for this additional $35 plan, because company won’t change your fee even if you use less than 300 Internet data. Comcast wrote about this, “If you enroll in the Unlimited Data Option, you will be charged the current additional fee of $30-$35, depending on area, for every month or part of the month the option is in effect. This fee will not change based on your actual usage, whether it is above or below 300 GB.”