Misfit unveils more colorful and thinner Shine 2

By | October 21, 2015


Misfit had launched the lighter shine activity tracker and cheaper plastic shine Flash tracker in past. Misfit shine activity tracker was different from all other activity tracker in the market. Now the company has announced the next generation wearable Shine 2. The design of Misfit Shine 2 is similar to the original, but it is thinner and wider than its predecessor and it is made of smooth aluminum. Misfit Shine 2 wrist wearable comes with a 3-axis magnetometer, which allow the device to track the daily activity more accurately.

The Shine 2 tracker now comes with 12 colorful lights on the ring shaped LEDs on the top of the device instead of the white LEDs of the original. The round colorful LEDs now support capacitive touch. This new colorful LEDs let wearable do some new things like you can see time and you can even differentiate between the notifications based on the color of light. Here green light indicates “phone call” while blue indicates “text”.

Shine 2 also comes with six month battery life as the original one, but this device doesn’t have some other tracking option like heart rate monitoring option. This device is also compatible with Misfit’s Link app. The Misfit Shine 2 comes with two color options: black and rose gold. You can buy this activity tracker at the price of $100 in November.