CNN to live stream Democratic presidential Debate in 360° format



Virtual Reality is very popular medium for entertainment purpose, as it gives you a totally different and amazing experience. Virtual Reality has been used for gaming and entertainment purpose. Now more and more companies are trying to use VR technology for some other fields including sports. Now CNN has added another feather to the VR technology.

CNN announced that it is going to live stream the Democratic presidential Debate in Virtual Reality on October 13th. All thanks to its association with Virtual Reality organization NextVR. User can watch the live streaming of the presidential debate on their VR headsets.

Samsung Gear VR headset user can select their own point of view during the debate; you can focus on the candidates when they are not speaking so that you can find some interesting unguarded moments. In normal Live streaming main focus always remains on the candidates who are speaking.

This live streaming was announced after the success of CNN and NextVR little experiment, when earlier this month, NextVR filmed the Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan library in 360 degree video format. After capturing the debate, the news network put the video for download via NextVR app on Gear VR.

This is a very good option for the Samsung Gear VR owner, who can catch the live streaming of Democratic presidential Debate in 360 degree video format. Still lots of people don’t have the Gear VR headset, but still this is a good move made by CNN news network.