Cleartrip plans to enter more Indian cities with its hyperlocal service

By | November 16, 2015

Cleartrip, an Indian online travel aggregator plans to expand its hyperlocal service market to more Indian cities.


Founded in 2010, Cleartrip is a mobile-only company that allows users to book about 5,000 activities consisting of culinary classes, day tours, yatching, hiking and night treks in and around 50 cities. Following the steady and steep increase in hotel bookings, Cleartrip plans to strengthen its hotel number from 25,000 hotels to 50,000 hotels before the end of the financial year. Early this month, the startup claimed it is targeting gross sales of $800 million this fiscal.

Apart from hotel booking, other activities booking play a major role for the Cleartrip. The company’s chief marketing officer Subramanya Sharma said that by March 2017, Activities would account for 15% of the company’s revenues. He added, “We have received a phenomenal response from Activities in the last few weeks. We are already receiving 800-900 transactions a day. By end of December, we should be able to offer activities from 100 cities.”

“We are aiming to take the number of daily transactions to about 5,000. The number will be higher as these are of low transaction size and shorter duration,” he said. “Highest range of Activities booked are in the price band of Rs 500-800. But people have also used our platform to by micro-light flying (Rs 5,500), helicopter rides (Rs 16,000) and yachting (Rs 18,000). There is also a great demand for Harley Davidson rides,” he said.