How to clear Google Play Store search and apps history


Whatever may be the reason, from time to time you are probably going to clear your search and also your apps history from your Google Play Store account. It don’t take much time for you to create the pretty sizeable list and it can quickly get out of the control. But fortunately, there are some tips which, Google makes it incredibly simple to clear the things out. For this below I mentioned the procedure to do it.


Here is the procedure for how to clear Google Play Store search and apps history.

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet
  • Slide out the menu from the left side
  • Open Settings from the left side menu
  • Under General, tap on Clear search history

But, clearing out your list of apps is little more involved as there is no other way to clear out all your previously downloaded/purchased apps in one go. But it is very easy to get rid of things you do not want to see anymore.

  • In the Google Play Store app slide out the menu from the left and tap on My apps. 
  • Next to the apps that are not currently installed on your Android device, you will see the cross symbol in the top right corner of the box.
  • Tap the cross symbol and the app goes away.

Clearing the app history may take some time and it depends on how many apps you downloaded and installed on your device, but again Google has makes it elegant straight forward to get rid of what do you want.