How to Clean Cache Files on an Android Phone

By | June 23, 2014

Sometimes the app on your Android Smartphone does not work properly. And you want to kill these apps. Before you go reaching for that task killer (don’t do it!) Here’s something else to try for your Android Smartphone. Above is the screen you’ll see if you go to Settings>Applications>Manage appliations and tap on an app. Here you can some options such forceful Stop, Uninstall the app.

Ways to Clean Cache Files on an Android Phone

But when we have a misbehaving app, the first thing we will try is to clear the cache. That wipes out temporary files that might be causing trouble. Your app’s still there, as are all your settings.

Clearing data is a little more drastic, basically giving you a clean installation of the app, with all of your settings and log-ins returned to zero. It’s pretty much the same as uninstalling and reinstalling, just quicker.

You can also try this- Go to the phone settings, then to storage, and tap on the new “Cached data” section in the list. At this point, you will be prompted to clear that cached data. For sure, a handy tip to clear up some space if you absolutely need it. You have to only remember that, running any computer at the edge of its storage capacity limits probably won’t help performance much, so jamming that cleared space full of even more stuff might not be the best idea.

Some of the apps are also available which cleans the Cache files on an Android Smartphone. We bring the latest and best  Cache Files cleaner are –

App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap Clean

The App Cache Cleaner, is a quick tool for clearing application cached files on your Android Smartphones.  This app has offered one Tap to clean all cached files for getting more available space. This app makes your smartphone faster and smoother. This app can free a lot of storage memory for your phone. It can Free phone internal memory, Get more internal ROM storage. It is an app which is crucial to anyone who has memory management issues. Stop low memory warnings. And fixes  the low memory problem. You can download the app from here!


Features :

  • 1-tap to clear all cached files
  • Auto clear when you open this app
  • Auto clear all caches at a specified interval
  • Auto exit when you cleaned all cached files
  • Clear cache for a specified application
  • List applications by either cache size or app name
  • Clean residual files

Cache Clean Easy – Optimize

The Cache Clean Easy is an android system app that can clean useless application cache files, it could save your phone disk space and make your phone speed up. This application Cache Files are temporary files created by applications. You can download this app from here!
Features :
  • One-Click clean system cache
  • Fastest scan cache speed
  • Sort apps by cache size or name
  • Reminder clean cache
  • Two display style (app name + cache size or cache size only)
  • Two themes (cool black and clean white)
  • Helpful item menu (Open, Manage, Playstore Page, uninstall)
  • More features are coming soon.