ClassDojo app gets Class Story, a new feature for parents-teacher communication


ClassDojo, a classroom management tool has come up with a new feature called Class Story that helps in communication between teachers and parents. It focuses on quick and easy communication between the both rather than using the newsletters, websites and portals to provide students’ update to the parents.

story notices

The feature Class Story can be found inside the ClassDojo app, which is compatible with iOS, Android devices and even the web browser. The startup’s co-founder and chief product officer Liam Don said, “It’s astounding that, in this age of instant messaging, teachers haven’t been given the tools to easily engage families,” during the release.

Until now, Class Story feature was in beta stage where around 60,000 teachers has registered to try out the service. It soon to be available to general public. Any conversation between the teacher and the parent remained private. This also served as the platform for the teachers to share pictures, text contents, video and voice notes on the feed which would reach every connected parent. It also shows a notification when a parent reads any content and parent can acknowledge by ‘hearting’ the post.


On the whole, Class Story mainly targets at the students safety and clear communication. ClassDojo strongly believes that traditional class websites are not user-friendly, or secure enough to have a private conversations. Don added, “We think can dramatically simplify teachers’ lives, help them build incredible relationships with parents, and as a result raise the potential for what students can achieve.”