Civiballs – New Puzzle game for Android

By | April 15, 2014

The Civiballs is a puzzle game from Herocraft which available in the Google Play Store for the Android Smartphone users.  In every  level of Civiballs, there is at least one red ball and green ball are available. Your goal is to use the elements in the level and to move the balls  and reached them to their designated spots. In the gameplay, there are also bonus diamonds in each level that you have to grab it, in the appropriate fashion.

Civiballs – New Puzzle game for Android

The game mechanics is very much familiar from the popular Cut the Rope series. In the gameplay you can also use other level elements such as volcanoes, crossbows, and even the stationary parts of the level  creatively move the balls around to get them where they need to go. If in the case if you are failing to get these balls in their respective spots, you will have to start the level over.


In the Civiballs there are 60 levels, which can added by the Herocraft may more eventually. There are in app purchases that essentially just remove the advertising. Otherwise it appears as though the entire game is free to play. There are achievements as well as  Leaderboard which are pretty much standard in mobile gaming these days. Overall, the Civiballis a pretty solid offering from Herocraft. The levels are easy at the starting levels and get harder as the game progresses

Features of the Civiballs

  • Taxing puzzles
  • Colorful crisp graphics
  • Bonus objectives on each level
  • 60 levels to explore
  •  Kooky time travel story
  •  A range of gadgets to try out