Citi Cards app for Windows Phone now available officially


Citi Cards has finally released their most popular app for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users. According to the sources, Citi group has started exploring building an app for the Windows platform 11 months ago and today it is live and available for download. Citibank is one of the top credit and financial institutions around the world and Windows Phone is having a gap when it comes the official banking apps category.

Citi cards app has brought 128-bit encryption and allows the users to log in and fully manage their accounts with out the need of web browser. With this app you can view your credit card and account activities, pay the credit card bills and also can view the pending transactions as well. You can also cancel the scheduled credit card payments and can view your available credit line. It also helps you to find out the nearest ATMs as well as Citi bank branches.



  • View the recent activity for your credit card and debit card activities, bank accounts and including the pending transactions.
  • Pay credit card bills through the app and view payments
  • Schedule future credit card payments
  • Cancel scheduled credit card payments
  • View your available credit line of your credit cards.
  • Quickly find the nearest ATMs as well as branches.

You don’t need to worry about the security, as the information is protected by 128-bit encryption so no problem when you bank online.

Download Citi Cards app for Windows Phone