Circix : Brain puzzle game for Android

By | May 19, 2014

Circix is the little fun and brain puzzler game that makes you connect the circuits a certain number of times. In Circix you have to create a circuit and connect all the chips to complete each level. All the chips in the level must be linked together and each and every chip must have the required number of connections to other chips. For example, is there is node with number 2, then other two nodes must be connected to that specific node.

How to play

  • In the every level of the game there will be aforementioned nodes and you need to simply swipe between them to create a connection.
  • You cannot delete the connection when you are stuck up and you need to start from the scratch which looks irritating but it is the part of the challenge. So you need to finish it perfectly for the first time or start with the entire thing.
  • If you got stuck up anywhere in the middle then you can use the hints, which is really helpful and you can cross the difficult levels. There are 10 hints available initially and you need to buy more
  • There are three difficulty levels in the game and the difference between them is size of the grid. As the difficulty increases the grid becomes larger.
  • The basic grid is very easy and it gets larger and harder by crossing the levels.


  • Amazingly varied assortment of the puzzles.
  • Crispy and animated graphics.
  • There are over 200 levels.
  • Works on both the tablets and phones.
  • Take the help of the hints when ¬†you get stuck.
  • Enjoy the fun with the more number of the packs to buy which includes the larger number of packs for the tablets.

There are some in-app purchases in the game which includes the ad removal, buy hints when you needed, more level packs and tablets packs if you need them. It has over 20 levels so it can kill hours of time and is very suited when you are in journey.

Download Circix for Android.


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