Cicret Bracelet – Your skin will be Touch Screen

By | December 11, 2014

Cicret Bracelet – Your skin will be a Touch Screen

Wearable computing just got a date with reality, in the recent past wearable technologies has got boost due to saturation of the smartphone market. The technology industry is looking for next big thing that will keep them ticking and smart watches are the answer. Starting from Apple to Samsung, the smart phone giants are jumping into the bandwagon of smart wear.

Recently four visionaries in France came up with a revolutionary idea for a bracelet that can run on wearer’s forearm turning it into a smart phone screen. The Cicret Bracelet, which is a marvel of the future, resembles Jaw Bone of Apple consists of slim wristband, projects images on the skin of the wearer. The technology uses a pico projector and has a line of eight sensors that detect where the user places his finger.

Although in the concept stage, the Cicret Bracelet can read mails, answer your calls, do a weather check for you, and find your way thru the map.


The Cicret Bracelet has a vibrator, an accelerator, USB Port with WIFI and Bluetooth Connectivity. It’s been designed with storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB, will be available in 10 different colors.

Their promotional video on YouTube, got 4 million hits demonstrates latest technology with a simple twist of wrist; users can use smart phone features to receive calls, connected to mobile device via Cicret app which is in still development stage.
The video shows users swiping, pinching and tapping the skin of their forearms to read email, as well as play games and view maps by pinching and expanding them. As per Cicret sources, the video is an illustration shows Cicret bracelet allow users to do.

To move from concept stage to reality the Team Cicret is seeking funds of 1 Million Euros to develop the prototype and the Cicret app as per Guillaume Pommier, Cicret founder.

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