Chronology finally available in Windows Phone Platform

By | October 6, 2014

The puzzle-platforming game Chronology  is now available on the Windows Phone Platform. In Chronology, you play as a brilliant inventor and a talking snail with metallic shell.  In the game you can able to travel in time in environments that feature puzzle-solving elements. This game is available in the Apple iOS platform at where over 1 million user’s are download this game, On the other side for the Android eco-system, it is still in the development process.


In the game you will find that there is an Old Inventor which is waking up with no memory in a place that looks depressing. He discovers a time travel device, which makes this game very interesting. Tapping the clock on the lower right corner switches time: Before and After. There’s an indicator on the top right corner to tell you which timeline you’re in, but you’ll know just by looking at the surrounding. Before is full of life, while After looks abandoned.

The Chronology is available free download from the Windows Phone Store. “Part I” with 3 chapters are included. The”Part II” is available in the game as an in-app purchase for the $2.99, that is. We think it’s one of the best games available on Windows Phone right now. Check it out and let us know if you agree. The game is also compatible with 512 MB RAM supporting Windows Phone devices. If you want to download the game for your Windows Phone, then you can click here!