Chromebook brings down Windows and Apple sales


The education pattern is changing and accepting new ways and ideas with open arms to share as much knowledge as it can. The smart learning, smart classes, the primary schools which are well equipped with latest technology to educate small kids in a very interesting way.

There are so many companies bringing new advancements over the education pattern and making the world a better place. Chromebooks are in the trend, they are becoming the popular pick for the education sector and there has been a news recently that the sales margin for Windows-based devices and Apple Devices in the school sector has drastically decreased.

Rajani Singh, senior IDC research analyst told the New York times that “During January to June 2015, around 2.4 million Chromebooks have been shipped to schools in the United States” whereas, the Windows-based devices and notebook computers were only about 2.2 million being shipped this year.

Though the assessment level between Chromebooks and Windows-based devices are not so significant but it showed a rapid growth for Chromebook devices.

In comparison, last year Windows devices including notebooks and desktops were around 4.9 million that were shipped to US schools. The same figures showed 4.2 million for Apple devices including Macs, MacBooks and iPads but as far as Chromebooks are concerned they have shipped around only 3.9 million Chromebooks to the US schools last year.

IDC strongly believes that Chromebooks are soon going to take over the lead in the School Sector this year, because Chromebooks are just 0.3% behind the Apple sales margin.

Rajani also added that “Even if Microsoft is No. 1 in volume and Apple is No. 1 in revenue, from the growth perspective, nobody can beat Chromebook,”.

Just for news, Windows 10 has just been released and Apple is predicted to release new iPads later this year. With the new session of schools coming up shortly, we can see a huge shuffle in the numbers which might go against any of the competitors. We will keep an eye over the same and keep you updated.