After Chrome and Opera, Mozilla to uplift more extensions


After Google Chrome and Opera, Mozilla Firefox has announced some alterations very soon saying that the browser will uphold more extensions.

Kev Needham, Mozilla’s Search and Add-on’s developer recently announced that very soon Firefox will make use of a new extension API called Web Extensions. Firefox pivots away from the old Electrolysis and servo platforms which in result, the developers of Chrome and Opera that were using API called Blink would find easy to port their old extensions to this new API called WebExtensions.

It totally depends on the developer whether to uphold their extensions to Firefox or not. Its quite a big decision towards making the browser attuned with all extensions. It has its own advantages and disadvantages; the API changeover would result in large number of existing add-ons not working with the future versions of Firefox, if not they’re amended for WebExtensions.

Though the developers have enough time to update their code till the 12 to 18 month transition is finished. Soon after that Mozilla is predicted to launch its new API with Firefox 43 which is planned to release in December 15

Mozilla also pledges to take necessary measures in validating and signing every Extension starting on September 22 in mere future. Every extension will be fully scrutinized before the users tries to download and install them.