Chrome dumps “OK Google” Voice search feature on Desktop





Chrome is dumping its Voice search feature, which means that you won’t be able automatically activate Voice Search by saying “OK Google” on Desktop. Google has removed this feature from its latest version of Google Chrome i.e. Chrome 46. But you can still activate the voice search features by clicking on the microphone button.

This Voice Search option of Google initially debuted on Android device, but from last year this feature has been available for desktop version also, which allowed users to start Voice Search by just telling “OK Google”. Google has removed this feature from desktop version. If you uses Chromebook, this feature will still be available.

The search giant has said that the company is removing “Ok Google” search option, because Windows, Linux and OS X users don’t use this feature frequently. Earlier this week, Google also announced that it is removing notification center from Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Though, this is a surprise that Google decided to remove some feature, but it still makes sense, because Google has been accused many times that the bloatware of Chrome affects laptop battery. So by removing “Ok Google” feature Google has done pretty good tasks, which will improve browser performance. If you want to know more about the changes made in Chrome 46, click here.