Chinese Alibaba unveils its own make smartwatch, inWatch Run

By | October 19, 2015

With so many brands making smart watches now even the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is not left behind. At a conference yesterday, Alibaba unveiled the new inWatch Run which is the first smartwatch to feature YunOS for Wear, an Android-based system for wearables designed by Alibaba.


Targeting at the marathon runners, the InWatch major highlight is the device’s highly sensitive heart-rate sensor. The watch claims to have a high precision rate to ensure the user is always aware of their heart rate. The device has an in-built altimeter and barometer. The watch could be used to record calories used, speed and distance. With the screen resolution of 400 X 400 and 4GB of storage, it supports GPS with real-time data uploads at 30-second intervals.

The InWatch Run flaunts a battery life that powers for more than 100 hours in standby mode. The sporty look with synthetic straps and Gorilla Glass protection to boot make the watch more appealing and feels more aesthetically designed. The watch is expected to hit the markets very soon at the price $206 per piece.

When compared with Apple Watch, inWatch Run may seem to have fewer features but it has to be understood that this watch is meant specifically for runners and sportsmen. Also, the starting price of Apple Watch is $349 which is much higher than the rate of Alibaba’s smartwatch.