China Telecom begins selling Xbox One in China

By | July 25, 2014
Xbox One in China

Xbox One in China
Xbox One in China

A hot news has came this morning, China is a market that most hardware and software companies believe they must conquer if they are to expand what may be stagnant sales worldwide. The most recent example of this is that China Telecom is going to start to sell the Xbox One gaming console next month.

Sometime in the past Ex. Microsoft Corporation CEO Steve Ballmer had nothing to say in regards to China however what a protected innovation no man’s land it was. The government, organizations and forgers made bogus however living up to expectations forms of Windows, looting the tremendous software organization of to the extent that 90% of the deals it would have in the People’s Republic, on the off chance that its occupants would just act in a manner that regarded Western business morals.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has suggested that Xbox is not one of Microsoft’s core business sector. It provides few ways to advance mobile software and cloud computing. However, Nadella knows, it is a gateway into consumer living rooms, and it could be a Trojan Horse for other Microsoft’s other products.

Xbox One in China

Here is the exclusive report from China’s news Xinhua:

[quote]China Telecom will be the exclusive carrier of Microsoft Corp’s video game console Xbox One, the first of its kind to launch in the Chinese mainland this autumn, the Chinese operator announced on Thursday.

The console will be sold in China Telecom’s sales outlets from September, the state-owned telecom firm announced at a press conference.

China lifted a 14-year-old ban to permit foreign-invested companies to make game consoles in the Shanghai pilot Free Trade Zone in September 2013, spearheaded by a game-industry joint venture between Chinese Internet television company BesTV and Microsoft with investment of about 80 million U.S. dollars.[/quote]

This, I guess is a great news news fro people looking to get the new gaming console, now Sony has monopoly in China and the only brand who sell Play Stations gaming console. Also it might be a red alert for them as the Tech Giant is going to land in a giant country with a BANG!.