Checkout Motorola Moto G2 leaked specs and images


Motorola after launching the budget Moto G last year has proved that a budget phone doesn’t have to be something that you feel down of having out in public. Sure, it was nothing too exciting to look at, both by display and design, but it was certainly no crouch. Motorola have planned to redesign the G-series of smartphone with a successor that tries to capitalize on the simple and pocket-friendly features of the first G. The model 1068 XT, or Moto G 2nd Generation which might be the forthcoming flagship of G series from Motorola.


The panel of any handset is usually the most costly single piece and the G2 looks to have kept the display resolution at 1280 x 720 pixels with a pixel density if 320ppi. We are even seeing that 1080p screens and even QHD  displays with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels are becoming standard, but still the 720p screen is not a bad deal at all. Just five years ago, I thought the display with resolution 320 x 480 (180 dpi) looks great. Heck, even Apple also makes us fool by just offering display with 326 dpi screen and gave it a fancy name like Retina Display.

This time with the Motorola Moto G2, they have included quad-core ARM V7 (VFPv4 NEON) along with 305 Adreno GPU. The rear-facing camera, will be an 8 megapixel sensor and the handset will have dual-SIM capabilities similar to the Moto G. There isn’t any news on handset’s dimensions, RAM, battery size or even internal memory storage specs are still to be leak.


As I believe, it will be safe to assume that the Moto G2 will run Android 4.4.x, or Android L(Google’s transformed Android OS). While the first Moto G priced $179 when it was released, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside suggested that the Moto G2 could cost even less. Personally, if the phone was announced for around $100 unlocked, What do you guys think? Is Motorola on the mark with this budget phone, or is it still not enough? Comment below.