How to change name in Gmail


If you want to the email Id of your Gmail account unfortunately it is not possible,to do so you need to open a new Gmail account. But there is an option change the name which is associated with your Gmail. Here you can change the display name for your account, but the email id remains same. Here I am writing small article to change the display name on your Gmail account.


How to change name in Gmail

Step 1 : Go to Gmail page on your browser and log into your Gmail account.

Step 2 : Navigate to the “Settings” option on the top right corner. Now hit on gear on the top right page and choose “settings”from the drop down menu.

Step 3 : In settings menu click on “Accounts” tab which you can find fourth from the left on the top of the settings panel.

Step 4 : Scroll down in the Accounts options and find “Send mail as” section and select the email address which you want to edit by clicking on “edit info”. Edit info will be found on the right of your email address.

Step 5 : Now type the new name in the text box below your old name and click on “Save Changes” Now this finalizes your new display name for your Gmail account.

Step 6 : Now send an email to your friend and check your name has been successfully changed.

Like this you can change your name on your Gmail account. Remember that you cannot change your email address as well. For any doubts please comment in the comment box below.