How to change MAC address in Ubuntu OS

By | July 28, 2014

What is MAC address? which stands for Media Access Control address is an unique address which represents your network interface device. This MAC address is the unique number of your network to interface with the hardware which is assigned by the manufacturer. Actually IP address as well this MAC address work together to move the data one place to another. Even you can change this MAC address accordingly as you requirement. This article gives you clear information about how to change MAC address in Ubuntu Operating system.

Steps to change MAC address in Ubuntu OS

  • To change the MAC address in Ubuntu initially you need to select the network icon of the top panel. In the drop down list click the edit connections from the options.


  • Once you are done with this, Network connections dialogue box will appears. Now select your network and click on that edit option which opens the another window where you can edit connection settings.


  • Navigate to the Ethernet tab and select your network interface under the MAC address, Now you can enter your  desired MAC address in the empty box next to the cloned MAC address.


  • Before closing save the changes you have done. That it you are done changing the MAC address in Ubuntu operating system.