How to change location settings on Android Phone

By | July 28, 2014

When you initially set up your Location in your Android device you will be asked about location services and if you want your device to use them, Google has its own services where as carrier network had its own services. To use them you need to approve.


There are few options to change the location settings, This article clearly gives you the information about how to change location settings on Android Phone. Before know this, it me explain how the android phone are capable to tag the location of you photo. Every android phone has an ability to attach the location, this can be possible with the help of GPS coordinates. Even there is an option to arrange the album with respective to the location or Google+ of your trips. Geo locating the images is not a bad thing.

If suppose want to control this Geo locating then you need to disable this you can navigate ON/OFF option in the camera settings or there is an another option Directly go to your Android settings from there you can decide whether you wants to location saved images or not.

How to set the Location mode on your Android

  • There are three different settings modes for Android location, where you can find out at the settings> location. In this location you can able to set the how accurately you can set the location, Even you know where you are exactly which includes battery life too. Let me see how this three modes can be useful
  • By using this high accuracy with the help of GPS radio in your Android phone to get the location exactly from satellites. It also can be use by WiFi and cellular networks.
  • In battery saving mode only uses WiFi as well as Cellular networks which helps you smart device for longer battery. But the thing is it wont be accurate.
  • In device sensor mode you can use only GPS radio to find out the location, where it will take more time to navigate the location and it also consumes more battery.
  • In the location settings directly turn off location services if you want to disappear directly.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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