[How to] change iTunes password interval with parental controls on iPhone


App Store and iTunes requires a password every fifteen minutes or so. That means if you have authorized a single purchase, someone could technically purchase something else without being required to enter a password again. For parents who want to prevent this from happening, you can easily use restrictions in order to require a password be entered for purchases immediately and every single time. This article guides you how to change iTunes Password interval with parental controls on iPhone and iPad. So you have to Follow the below steps

Steps to Follow how to change iTunes password interval with parental controls

  • Open the setting in your iPhone or iPad and tap on the restrictions and enable the restrictions if they are not enable before.
  • Pick a password that you should only know, the password which you are using is should not match lock screen password.
  • Now tap on immediately under allowed content section.
  • Tap on immediately. That’s it you are done.


If any one wants to purchase apps or any other content from iBooks, iTunes they will always be a prompt to enter the password. That means with out your acceptance they cannot do any thing.