How to change Dropbox password

By | October 15, 2014
How to change your Dropbox password

If you forgot dropbox password or you need to change the change you password follow this guide which gives you clear information about how to change dropbox password in both the cases.

How to change your Dropbox password

Steps to change Dropbox password

  • First log into your dropbox account.
  • Click the link of your name in the upper right corner and click the link for settings.
  • In the settings screen Click the tab for security.
  • Under the security section click on the link to change password.
  • Once you tap on the link to change password, a window will appear with old password box and there type your current (old) password and then type your new password. Click the Change password button.
  • Dropbox then flashes the following message at the top of the screen as Password changed successfully And that’s pretty much it.

Steps to get back password if you forgotten 

  • Click on the forgot password link instead.
  • Windows appears to Reset your Dropbox password, confirm your email address and click the Submit button. Dropbox will sent you an email with a link to reset your password. Click that link .
  • The Dropbox site opens and display a Forgot your password page. Type your new password in the first field and then again in the second field. Click Submit. Dropbox tells you that your new password has been saved.

By doing the two step verification you can safe and secure your password. To do this you need to you have to enter your password and security code send to your mobile each time you wish to log into dropbox.  Follow the below steps for two step verification.

  • To enable the two-step verification, return to the Settings page as described above and click the Security tab. Under Two-step verification, click the Enable link.
  • In the Enable two-step verification window, click the Get started button. Enter your password and click Next.
  • At the next screen, Dropbox gives you a choice of using text messages or a mobile app to generate the security codes. Let’s go with the text message option, so leave that one selected. Click Next.
  • Again click next by entering your phone number.
  • Dropbox sends a security code to your mobile phone. Check your phone and enter that code into the appropriate field on the Dropbox page. Click Next.
  • Here in the next screen you can enter a backup mobile phone number if you wish. Click Next.
  • In the next screen, Dropbox displays an emergency backup code that you should write down in case you need to disable two-step verification to access your account. Click the button to Enable two-step verification.
  • That’s it.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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