CES 2015: Sony Steel SmartWatch 3


The letters CES can sound lame to a common man but definitely not to any tech savvy person.  For he knows, it the international trade fair for global consumer electronics and consumer technology that happens every year on the first week of January at Las Vegas, USA. The more exciting part is almost all top brands launch their new products in the fair which is much hyped-up by the technocrats. This year at CES, Sony has launched Sony steel SmartWatch 3 apart from NWZ-ZX2 walkman.

Sony steel SmartWatch 3


Sony SmartWatch 3 comes as a stainless steel edition which is unlike the Sony SmartWatch 2. Those for whom stainless steel in not a thing, do not worry, it also comes with regular 24mm strap that you can fasten onto your wrist. This android watch has 1.6 inch, 320 x 320 transflective display and built-in GPS to track running which is unique to the Sony SmartWatch. The company says that its a stand alone smart watch and does not require smart phone. The smart watch seems to have improved the technologies to have a better visual experience.

The Stainless SmartWatch is said to be available in the market by February while the strap ones to be available by early this year.

Though Sony’s first android watch has tried for a fashionable upgrade all we can say is that it has not succeeded. Apart from the GPS technology nothing separates it from other smart watches. For instance, Pebble Steel and Moto 360 have the similar stainless steel body. Those who tried wearing the watch feels its hefty and chunkier to be worn on the wrist. Thus, we can say that Sony SmartWatch3 is not an entirely new device in the market and does not meet the hype.