CES 2015 Panasonic Smart Mirror- very smart indeed!


Its every girls (even guys) dream to sport different looks but at the same time how can anyone be sure if it will look good on us without experimenting. This experimentation has been made easier and quicker with the interesting Panasonic Smart Mirror that has been demonstrated this year at CES.

smart mirror

This mirror prototype has an embedded camera – Panasonic Lumix- within it that scans and portrays your ¬†holographic image on the reflection. Once the image is displayed it suggests you to experiment different looks by applying digital make-up and hairstyles. The mirror, also, analyses the skin conditions and suggest the kind of makeup that would suit better for particular event when synchronized with your smart phone’s calendar.

The awesomeness of the mirror does not end here. It also pays attention to the problematic area on the face like oily forehead, pimple or dark-circle and suggest cosmetic advice on how to get rid of it, gives diet tips and also details on cosmetic procedures if needed.

smart mirror

The developers suggest that it could be the solution to define the concept of smart homes and could be of great use in beauty salons and cosmetic retailer outlets. Though this prototype was first demonstrated at IFA Berlin, it reached out to many through CES 2015. The company has still not planned it launch for they say they are working on its improvement.

Panasonic Smart Mirror can become your very personal stylist at home. The electronics company has to be applauded for showing of their ‘smart’ mirror prototype amid its consumer home appliances at the CES this year.