Cell Phone unlocking goes legalize in US


If you a buy a Smart device like Cell phone or Tablet or Smartphone from the US mobile carriers almost locked to single Network and unlocking them has been a legal gray area for the last few years. Now Congress is finally taking action to remedy that. The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act has been passed by the Senate, matching a House bill passed in February. As you can imagine, consumer rights groups are pretty jazzed.

Actually this issue seems to be counter intuitive if suppose you brought a device, and you need to pay the full price, its probably illegal to unlock it to use on another carrier. Cell Phone Unlocking could be considered breaking a technological measure as described by the law.

There was a brief time a few years back that unlocking was permitted by a library of the congress exemption, In the year 2012 next review came up the exemption wad removed. Recently Carriers have recently adopted clearer policies ion unlocking devices, but the customer right organizations point out should not need permission from the carrier to unlock your phone. Hopefully you won’t need to do that much longer. The pending legislation doesn’t actually codify unlocking in the law permanently, but rather requires the Library of Congress to reinstate the exemption immediately and consider extending it when the next review comes up.