CCP Games raises $30 million from New Enterprise Associates


CCP Games, the parent company of online roleplaying game EVE Online has announced it raising $30 million led by New Enterprise Associates along with the participation of private equity firm Novator Partners.

Eve Online

Founded in 1997, CCP started to operate with the goal of becoming a pioneer in massive multiplayer gaming company. With the launch of EVE Online in 2003, CCP has gained to the position of a leading companies in the field, winning many awards and receiving critical acclaim worldwide. The EVE game is somewhat a never-ending saga in which players build their own universe in space that comes with complex economics and political machinations. From mine asteroids to deal brokers, Eve players to opt to serve as any. With a subscription fee of $11 per month, more than 400,000 people play the game EVE.

With the fresh funds, CCP Games plans to invest in virtual reality games, which tech adviser Digi-Capital expects to be a $150 billion industry by 2020. The Reykjavik, Iceland-based game publisher has been developing two VR games, EVE – Valkyrie and Gunjack, for upcoming VR headsets like Facebook’s  Oculus Rift that is likely to hit the market next year. With the investment, it is clear VRR gaming is not cheap for it takes a lot of experiments to get things right.

Couple of other games CCP released a year or two ago – Dust514  and World of Darkness did not make commercial success which led to company’s layoff and other problems for the company. So this time CCP Games is betting high on virtual reality games. Jason Rubin, the head of worldwide studios at Oculus VR said at GamesBeat 2015 conference that the game developers have to experiment and may even have to few couple of times to hit the financial “gold rush” that will happen if VR truly become a mass market. If the VR headsets have a good reach at homes, the company could have the advantage to release the first blockbuster games in virtual reality.