Casio unveils XW series headphones for professional DJs

By | August 21, 2014

Most popular Japanese consumer electronics giant, Casio Computer Company Limited has announced the launch of new XW-H1/2/3 series headphones in India especially for professional DJs and music enthusiasts. Casio unveils XW series headphones for professional DJs and composers. These headphones are tough, light weight and are exclusively designed to maintain pure sound quality without interruption. These headphones features balanced, clear sound with nothing added and nothing left out. 

These headphones were designed by audiophiles to faithfully reproduce natural and accurate sound across the entire audio spectrum, from crisp, clear trebles to rich and deep bass notes. They meet the most exacting standards of audio quality so that the user can hear the music exactly the way the artists intended. 

These headphones features the encapsulated comfort fit ear pads for the focused listening and the ear pads were selected through the extensive testing and comfortable to wear during the long mixing sessions and offer the super isolation from the background noise. They also feature the detachable, tangle-free flat cable. The flat cable can eliminate the tangles and makes it easy to store the headphone on the move and the HD cable is also detachable for the easy replacement. So, the user never has to untangle the cable again and will just put on the headphones and start listening.


Speaking about the XW-H1/2/3 headphones Mr.Kulbhushan Seth, Vice President, Marketing, Casio India stated that,

[quote]The X W-H1/2/3 headphones are ideally suited for on-the-go professional DJs and music enthusiasts as they combine high audio fidelity with superb usability. What’s more, their stylish designs and vibrant colours makes them a must buy for music lovers.[/quote]


  • Tough, light weight and are exclusively designed to maintain the pure sound quality without interruption.
  • Features encapsulated comfort-fit ear pads for the focused listening.
  • Detachable and tangle free flat cable
  • Folding headband for portability and protection were designed with the professional DJ in the mind.

Currently this headset is priced at Rs.5,995 and it is available at all Casio’s exclusive stores and


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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