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Car Run is the speed and action packed racing game for Android that bring backs the memories of racing games like NFS and Out run. You need to drive the car as long as you can, collect the fuel on the go and escape form the cops who will be chasing you. The Car game tests your highway driving skills and escaping skills from the police. This the type of the arcade style racing game which tests the gamer reaction time and reflexes.


How to play

After installing the Car Run on your device launch the game, and after launching choose the car, initially you will get only the starter car. Controls in the game are very simple, use the gas button to accelerate the car and there is a horn option in the game to clear the road. while driving on the high way we need to remember to collect fuel coins, To gain fuel other wise fuel tank will be empty that will be the end of your run. Each time if you collect star coin you come closer to unlocking a new car. If you caught by the cops that will be end of your run please avoid hitting the cops.car4




This game is Classic and very to play, and it is also addictive game. The tilt controls are very sensitive and they are nice to control it. It might be better to get horn button on left hand side because it is difficult to cross the other cars. Over all it is good game as it looks like classic. we can give 4 out of 5 rating


  • Easy tilt controls and too sensitive
  • fuel system gives more excitement


  • Horn should be on the other hand
  • Color of car might be some colorful