How to Capture and Share Screenshot using DropBox

By | July 2, 2014

The recent drop box desktop software includes an new feature which helps you take the Screen shot and share images with the help of Keyboard shortcut. Now you may have the question in your mind as how to take the screen shot and how to share the image to the drop box. This post gives you the clear information about how to Capture and share screenshot using Drop Box. For this you simply follow the steps given below.

Steps to Capture and Share screenshot using Drop Box

  • While Drop box id running simply press Print Screen (Prt Sc) to capture the image of your desktop.
  • Press Ctrl + Prt Sc to capture and save the image to the desktop and copy the link to the screen shot and you can immediately paste any where in the social media such as g mail message, Facebook post.


  • If any one click on the link will see your see your screen shot on the DropBOx.
  • For the first time it will ask if you wants to save the screen shot to the desktop drop box, Once you are done with this Click on save button.
  • If you have two dropbaox with different names for the first time for the first time you can choose the Screen shots to the desirable drop Box.
  • There is also an option to turn off /on this feature in the application preferences. To enable or disable this feature you need to follow some steps


  1. Click on the Drop Box icon in the menu bar and click on the gear option and select preferences from the menu.
  2. Click on the import option.
  3. Disable or enable the share screen shots using DropBox as  your requirement.