CallzApp Revolutionary Communications App : Prioritize your calls


CallzApp is the unique revolutionary communications calling app which lets you to prioritize your inbound and outbound calls. After making a call you can set the number as either a Emergency call, Important call, Urgent call and Casual call to alert the recipient of your calling status. The recipient will receive a message regarding the priority of the call.


  • CallzApp is the right dialler app, which allow your call recipients know the priority of the call like Urgent, Emergency or Important when you want to reach them desperately. Priority call message will be displayed on the call recipient’s screen when the call rings.
  • It would make your life better, because it shows the priority when the call arrives. It is helpful in the situations like when you are forced to answer the call when you are in important meetings and conferences.
  • When your mobile is switched off, all the missed calls will be re-created in the call log along with the priority when the device is switched on back.
  • All the priority calls will be delivered to the receiver and if it all he miss the call he will get the alert in the call log with high priority.
  • You can see all the messages and the calls in the same application and all the contacts were associated with the communication status based on the last status made through call or SMS.
  • It features a special screen for¬†National Emergency¬†calls with 3-click functionality.



  • Prioritize the calls according to the requirement before or after the call.
  • Both the parties no need to have the app, but if both of them have it works exceptionally.
  • Alerts you about the missed calls when your phone is switched off.


  • Messaging feature is bit weird when come to force close issues.
  • Interface and design looks outdated.
  • When you make a priority call, call cost will be deducted for sending a message.

Download CallzApp from here.