Calcoid : Visually stunning scientific calculator for Android


Calculators are the important devices most used for scientific and engineering applications. Scientific calculators are the advanced versions of the calculators with the advanced applications. Calculators are the extreme functional pieces, although by the today’s standards most of the people are familiar with using the potential mobile devices integrated with an application to meet their calculator needs. With the increasing needs scientific calculators are also made their way into the digital spotlight and has taken refuge from the other apps on Android.

Coming to the Calcoid, it is one of the scientific calculator app for Android with sexy and attractive look, dressed in the thick gradient colors and translucency. Not even a single button will be visible on the screen. Functions and numbers in the app appear in bold text and Google will demand for the more white spaces because of its Material Design.


In addition to the mind blowing UI and background it features better familiarity with the trigonometric functions, exponential, logarithms, degrees/radians and percentages.


  • Amazing background and beautiful UI.
  • Trigonometric functions
  • ┬áDegrees/radians
  • Logarithms
  • Percentages
  • Exponential
  • User-customizable sound with ON/OFF.

Calcoid adds in that fresh and clean Android KitKat esque style with lots of different colors. The different background colors available are Calcoid Signature, Sexy Red, Cool Water, Rich Purple, Magic Magneta, Incredible Green and additionally it features the user customizable sound which can toggled between ON and OFF. It is available in both the free and paid versions. Free version comes with ads and with the paid version Calcoid+ get all the color backgrounds and complete ad free for one time fee. The cost of the paid version is $0.99.

Download Calcoid.