Cablevision cord-cutter packages now into market


Cablevision Systems Corp is offering new plans targeting at cord-cutters that synchronize broadband service with free digital antenna to pick up local television signals. The new line of internet-focused Optimum products offer wider choice and flexibility for the ‘cord cutter’ and ‘cord never’ generation of connectivity-minded consumers.


New York cable operators have taken this initiative to help frustrated consumers who are tired of paying the increasing pay-tv bills and wanting to disconnect it. The move has been announced as a counter-attack to Cablevision’s rival Verizon Communications Inc’s new low-price plans for its FiOS TV service that allows customers to pick channels from wide range of genres over a slimmed-down package.

‘Cord cutters’ and ‘cord nevers’ were the users who choose to watch videos through the internet. But the new line of products, the users would be able to choose the broadband plans they want by themselves and receive over-the-air broadcast TV through a digital antenna.

The ‘cord cutter’ plan provides high-speed broadband for a high-quality over-the-top (OTT) vide experience, a digital antenna and the option to add new digital streaming service HBO NOW. The package is priced from $44.90 per month for the Ultra 50 service, for the first year. However, the deal does not consist any access to cable channels such as Walt Disney Co’s ESPN or Viacom MTV. The free digital antenna provides viewers to watch TV CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC.

Another package the Optimum ‘Everyday Low Price’ is designed and made for highly price-sensitive consumers, that includes Internet Basics 5 Mbps service, Freewheel phone and a digital antenna. Its price starts from $34.90 which is the standard rate and comes with download speeds of up to five megabits per second.

The new product will not have Optimum TV video service but the Mohu Leaf 50 digital antenna, priced at $69.99 will receive over-the-air broadcast channels. Good thing is that all the new packages include unlimited access to Optimum WiFi and all Cablevision customers will have access to 24/7 local customer support.