[How to] Bypass Start Screen & Direct Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1


Microsoft made added a windows phone style for start screen to the OS which shows live tiles of installed programs. But the addition of Start Screen didn’t get good response from users as Microsoft expected. If the users of windows didn’t like the new Start screen and they asked to bring back the good old Start Menu. Actually Microsoft replaced the Start Menu with Start Screen in Windows 8. This article beings you the information about the how to bypass start screen.

Many windows 8 user complained about this bypass direct to the desktop with out start screen,Whenever a Windows 8 user logins, the Start Screen is shown at first not the Desktop. If the user wants to go to Desktop, he needs to click on the Desktop tile to switch to traditional Desktop. Although Microsoft added a similar Start Screen to Microsoft.

Microsoft has up a new option in the windows 8.1 to bypass start screen and direct boot to desktop boot to desktop, if user enables this option then directly you can go to the desktop after  you sign in and start screen will no longer show after sign in. You need to follow the steps to enable the option.

  • Right click on the task bar and select the properties option.
  • It will open the task bar and navigation properties windows.
  • Now go to the navigation tab and enable the ” Go to the desktop instead of start when I sign in option present in top screen section.


  • Finally apply the changes and when ever you log in to windows 8.1 start screen will not be shown you will directly go to desktop.