Bypass iOS Lock Screen and access Contacts using Siri

By | May 6, 2014

Apple’s iPhone 5s offered the tremendously vaunted Touch ID fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication, however, not long after its release it was apparently “hacked” by a research team of security. Presently anyway, it looks like that both the Touch ID sensor and passcode can now be skirted by another endeavor for iOS 7.1.1.


A new video has gone viral on YouTube that shows how one can bypass an iPhone 5s’ phone lock without the swiping Touch ID sensor or entering the 4-digit passcode to unlock the device. The video shows a user accessing the contacts saved inside the iPhone 5s using iOS voice assistance Siri through voice commands.

The video by Sherif Hashim shows Siri legitimately request passcode when requested “Contacts” on a locked iPhone 5s. Also, when given the voice-charge ‘Call’, Siri straight away asks the owner whom to call, offering access to on-screen keyboard by means of which one can search contacts and get access to the full phonebook  by tapping on “Others” options.

Checkout the video to see how Hashim is manipulating to access Contacts using Siri. This hack I guess a major issue for the users who think they are safe with Apple iOS. You too can try it you have iPhone running iOS7 and comment below the reply you got from the Siri.