Bye..bye Internet Explorer! Hello Spartan!


It is finally time to bid goodbye to Internet Explorer and get ready to welcome the new faster browser Project Spartan.

Microsoft spartan

The slowest possible browser that was once the only gateway to internet and to guide people around the World Wide Web was consigned to history this week by Microsoft, joining Floppy Disks, flip phones and Orkut as relics of a distant digital age. Microsoft has officially confirmed to remove Internet Explorer and introduce its new browser codenamed Project Spartan.

Project Spartan is said that it will run on everything – phones, tablets and PCs but mainly targets the new era of smart phones. It is expected that the new browser andĀ  Internet Explorer will share similar looks and features.

Microsoft’s marketing chief Chris Capossela said that the company has not finalized the brand or the name of the new browser and it is under research. He had also stated that Internet Explorer would not be replaced by the new browser in the Windows 10, contrasting to everyone’s anticipation and expectation to use the new browser in Windows 10. This has disappointed many whose PCs were hacked and Virus attacked because of Internet Explorer.

According to W3 Schools, an educational website for web development, as of February 2015, Internet Explorer is ranked 3rd with global market share of 8%, while Chrome and Firefox tops the chart with 62.5% and 22.9% market share, respectively. Though Internet Explorer crushed Netscape Navigator ages ago, it could stand long against Chrome and Firefox and started to lose its share and worth.

As a means to reclaim the market share, Microsoft has been working hard with the ‘Project Spartan’ to launch along with Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Survey are being conducted to name the browser. TheĀ  survey has resulted in favorable response for the names starting with ‘Microsoft’ rather than Internet Explorer. Though the exact name has not been finalized, it is expected the name would be something followed by Microsoft, due to the positive reaction to the Microsoft Brand name.


It is still vague how the company plans to have both in Windows 10 and what the benefits would be to have two browsers coexisting. It is definitely quite soothing to know that future versions of Windows may not have Internet Explorer, which is mostly used only to download another browser.