How to burn ISO disc image on Mac

By | July 18, 2014

ISO image is an archived file of an optical disc, which contains the data contents of the each every written sector of the optical disc. Most the large file softwares and Operating Systems like Windows 8 Developer preview, Ubuntu and some other OS are available in ISO images format for download. Generally these ISO archive images have the file extension .iso and these images can be burned to DVD or CD to use them on the other computers or to share them with others.

These ISO images are created from the optical disks with the help of the disk imaging software or from the different disk image file by conversion. Here I am going to discuss how to burn the ISO disc image on the Mac computer.

How to burn ISO disc image on Mac

  • First open the program Disk Utility. To open this go to Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility or you can also open it by going to Launchpad>other>Disk Utility. 
  • Make sure that you have ISO image file, otherwise download it from the internet.
  • Now insert the DVD into your computer, this works for CD also but usually ISO files are large and so DVD is comfortable. For small files you can use CD as well.


  • Click on the icon with name Burn, which looks like the radiation symbol.
  • Now it asks you to select the ISO image which you would like to burn and go to the ISO file to select it.
  • Drag the ISO image on to the sidebar of the Disk Utility Application.
  •  Click on the Burn option and the window on the screen will appears and now click on the triangle shaped button on the right corner of the window and it will display the burn options.
  • Tick the checkbox beside to “verify burned data”, if it is not checked default.
  • Click the burn button and the disk utility software burns the ISO image to DVD.

Thats it, the selected ISO image has been burned on to your DVD.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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