Budget+Expenditure : Budget manager app for Windows Phone


Budget+Expenditure is the latest innovative daily budget manager app for Windows Phone which allows you to keep track of all your daily expenditure and personal income on the monthly basis. Enter the expected income from the different sources and then based on the income, you can create the list of the planned spending for a month.

It lets you to create the different categories of the planned expenditure which includes the fuel, food, utilities, responsibilities etc., In addition to this, it allows you to create the new income and expenditure categories. This app automatically keep track of your planned spendings that are entered in the system and inform you with the notifications if you have exceeded your monthly expenditure limit.

After creating the planned expenditure and income for a month, the app lets you to keep track on the daily basis of how your money has spent for the planned expenditure. It allow you to create the actual spendingBudget+Expenditures based on the planned expenditure and it automatically confirms the amount being spent on the actual spending within the budget limit for in the panned expenditure.





  • Create budget for every month
  • Select the budget currency
  • Create different types of incomes for the budget
  • Select the income sources like salary, shares etc.,
  • Create the planned expenditure for a month.
  • Create the daily spending’s for every planned expenditure
  • View chart of the spending profile in the dashboard

Budget+Expenditure is available for free to download without additional IAPs. You can download it from the below link

Download Budget+expenditure for Windows Phone