Broadcom Announces World’s First Single-chip for Set-top Boxes


The Broadcom has been already famous for its chips, now this they reveal the World’s First Single-chip for the Set-top Boxes. The Broadcom has said that it will be the World’s First Single-chip Hybrid Direct Broadcast Satellite, Terrestrial and IP Devices for Set-top Boxes with Integrated HEVC and MoCA 2.0.

This new series of chips, which bring by Broadcom’s high efficiency video compression (HEVC) technology to terrestrial markets, enabling broadcasters to utilize spectrum more efficiently than with current MPEG-4 video compression standards. This new series of Broadcom has engineered with pin-to-pin compatibility, and allowing the single set-top design to be leveraged across the entire family. Broadcom will demonstrate the chips at IBC, September 12-16, RAI Amsterdam.


The manufacturer has also said that it is the combination of the satellite and terrestrial front-ends that this family offers now provides significant benefits to viewers who want the best channel and content. In the event the Broadcom Senior Vice President of Marketing, Broadband & Connectivity Group- Rich Nelson  has said that

[quote]”We believe HEVC will continue to be a key driver for the delivery of high-quality content. Today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to our customers to proliferate HEVC broadly across our set-top box product family.”[/quote]

The Broadcasters and regulators o Europe and Africa (mainly the emerging area’s of these continents) are waiting for the arrival of this DVB-T2 with HEVC or the extend HD terrestrial services.

Features of Hybrid Direct Broadcast Satellite, Terrestrial and IP Devices for Set-top Boxes with Integrated HEVC and MoCA 2.0  are-

  • It can able to play 4K video’s and content
  • Advanced video engine capable of decoding one 4K video and one 1920 x 1080  video simultaneously
  • High-performance dual-core Brahma15 10000 DMIP CPU
  • 2180p60 or dual 1080p60 decode and transcode capabilities
  • Integrated high-performance connectivity peripherals, including USB 3.0, PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Simultaneously delivers four transcoded HD video streams over IP for content on any screen
  • Web domain security, an industry leading hardware security oversight to separate Internet services from premium broadcast content