How to broadcast and record Google+ Hangout


Google+ Hangouts is the great way for the groups to get together and to share your knowledge. But you can have not more than 10 people in the Google hangout. So what happens if you have more people you would like to see what’s happening. Many of the users say it as a basic app where 10 person limit being a big hurdle. For this problem Google+ Hangout on Air is the best solution, using this you can broadcast your event and also you can record it to your YouTube channel at the same time. Below is the small tutorial for how to do so.

How to broadcast and record Google+ Hangout

For this you should be logged into Google account and go to the On Air Page and you need to start the hangout by clicking on the red button Start a hangout. When you do so, you will see the pop-up window asking for some basic information about your impending hangout. Now fill any name in the hangout and add anyone you want to invite.


Make sure that you have clicked Enable hangouts on air box and first time you do this, you need to verify your YouTube account. This requires the mobile number and it sends the code as SMS to mobile number. After verifying the account, it allows you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

After Google verifies you, you will be redirected to new window, so that you can enter the information and go back to the Hangout window. Once Hangout is initiated, then you can click on Embed to see the couple of ways for the people to see your broadcast. When the video begins, a notice will be shot out on your Google+ page and YouTube channel allowing the people know the Hangout broadcast is going to start. For noe it looks like a normal hangout and share your screen with others to interact. After the event concluded, you will have the recorded file that happened already in your YouTube channel.