Brillio identifies trends in technology for 2015

By | December 18, 2014

Brillio identifies trends in technology for 2015

Cloud-girl-sittingBrillio, a global technology consulting, software and business solutions company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of IT company Collabera Technologies.

Brillio is headed by Raj Mamodia, CEO who was earlier heading global leadership team stated that they have secured $70 million in investment in making acquisitions, equity partnerships with innovative start ups, establishing innovation labs in Bangalore and the US.

A wave of new technologies – social, mobile, analytics, cloud, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and more – and customers are trying to figure out which augment their growth.

With 2,000 strong employees Brillio has acquired companies like Planetasia (IT outsourcing), IVL Services (SAP services) and Blue Hammock Consulting (IT consulting & enterprise strategy services).


In Oct 2014, Brillio acquired Bangalore based data analytics Startup Company called Marketelligent, which has built solutions that mines hidden insights, pattern and correlations from Big Data. Major clients of Marketelligent are Dell, Coca Cola and AMEX, helping them to make better decisions using data visualization and predictive analytics.

With this acquisition, Brillio will integrate Marketelligent’s 100 employees into Brillio Analytics practice to deliver sophisticated analysis and detailed interpretation of data to improve business performance across customer focused industries which include Banking, Retail Services, Telecom, Energy and Media.

On Dec 15, 2014 Brillio’s Puneet Gupta, Chief Technology officer, announced key trends based on rapid adoption of next generation platforms and services centered on Cloud, mobility, big data and Internet of Things. As customers continue to leverage technology for digital transformation, Brillio looks forward in 2015 as the year to push the limits where the technology can go – as a way to bridge the gap existing and new solutions, between business and IT – to create real value and genuine growth for their customers.

Key Trends for 2015 identified by Brillio


The Digital Data Supply Chain: Spending on Analytics will set to increase, however it will be less visible, in the CIO’s Budget. Marketing and other business departments will drive analytics investments to address specific challenges and opportunities. CMO’s will continue to take the lead in promoting the use of data to fuel customer engagement improvements.

Brillio believe that 2015 will be a year of increased fragmentation as reliance on analytics spreads across organizations. More Cloud based and mobile analytics, more demand for interactive and responsive analytics and more use of specialist and niche will be monopolizing the trends.

Digital data chain gets stronger – While big data and analytics, the buzz words persisted over few years, actual adoption by enterprises will get increased. More and more enterprises will switch on focus on big data from traditional investments. The quantum of data analysed for actionable insights will increase substantially over next five years.


The rise of Cognitive Intelligence – Advancement of data science, future systems will have in built cognitive ability to decipher the meaning from large data and answer the queries based on hypothesis and confidence from data.
Mainstreaming of Analytics – Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics is set to change in 2015, heading towards mainstream adoption especially in CPG, Retail Banking and Weather industry.

Infrastructure and Analytics – The Big Data world is expanding rapidly and adding value requires establishing speed and confidence in every decision, interaction and process. Analytical infrastructure, the applications, services, utilities and systems that are used for preparing data modeling, estimating models, validating models, scoring and related activities will become more critically important in 2015. Organizations are forced to think on inclusion of more intelligence in infrastructure monitoring and analysis of data that they have access to.

The Maturity of Cloud Computing and the new roles


Cloud Computing has became an integral, even the vital part of enterprise’s IT legacy. It has helped free up a huge chunk of IT from the limits of legacy software and hardware licensing data center models, has opened, revolutionized and democratized the IT delivers services and how the users access information, applications and business services.

Brillio sees Cloud strategies drives in 2015 factoring cloud planning processes in order to run at the speed of change.

Hybrid Computing : Expansion of cloud services on the rise in terms of number and sophistication, gaps in managing cloud to cloud and cloud to core portfolios are appearing, leading to new and smarter ways to operate in Hyper – Hybrid IT environment. Many organizations will move to more unified environment for business after virtualization of application, combining hybrid computing and better coordination between multiple Cloud services, internal resources and application resources.

Containerization of Cloud: Containers are virtual machines where several pieces of software can be bundled up and run them on single server without much interference. Containerization has the potential to bring interoperability between cloud platforms.

Devops and Cloud: Cloud bases Devops is paving way to leverage the full potential of cloud application development and closer integration of various process areas quickly and cost effectively. In turn it will increase better collaboration between development and operations teams.

The Internet of Things – The Connected World


In 2015, roughly 25 billion ‘things’ connected to the Internet, which set to increase by seven times by 2020.

IoT’s Chapter Two: The focus will shift away from devices and networks, towards prebuilt connectivity, security management and analytics capabilities. CIO’s and CTO’s play a crucial role in facilitating their business units to have better understanding on the incorporation of IoT into business technology agendas.

IoT gets real: Focus on actual customer success stories will be on rise with better customer experience, improved machine uptime. Impact on supply chain will start with sustainable business practices and business intelligence on data collected.

It’s all about Software: In 2015, there will be increased focus on the software especially the cloud services, to make all sensors connect, upload data, and drive analytics that generate insights and enable improvements.

The Year of Bolt-On/Wearables: Brillio predicts there will huge actions in the region of extracting data from everything like Human, Machines and Utility Services. This becomes base for the IoT to become real world actionable item in a larger way.

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