BreakFree de addicts from smartphones

By | February 23, 2015
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Yes MobiFolio’s BreakFree de addicts from smartphones. MobiFolio has developed an app called BrakeFree, which is one of the kind of application controls phone addiction and helps in maintaining healthy digital lifestyle.

The industry terms it as de addiction app monitors on phone usage and tracks down how the user is addicted to phone. The app contains visually appealing characters and graphs, helps in its own way to helps to track and reduce phone usage.

Speciality of BreakFree app is that it studies in background the usage pattern of the phone and calculates the addiction score for user in real time. Apart from this, the app monitors call and app usage, helps user to gauge the usage pattern.


The app is interactive allow user to set goal to de addict from the phone. Also it has tools to disable the internet and reject phone calls by sending text messages. BreakFree app advises on each app usage by the user like how much time spent on What’s App, Facebook or Google.

The algorithm used in the app calculates the number of time the phone screen unlocked and calculates the addiction rate. BreakFree app communicates with the user using friendly cartoon character called Sato, a friendly monk. BreakFree app acts as parental control that helps in monitoring the phone usage of the child, customise the usage according to the needs and schedule the internet timings.

The app was developed by Indian couple Mrigaen Kapadia and Nupur Kapadia. The couple realised the dangers of intimacy between people and phones was alarming very high and gave an idea to develop the app.


BreakFree is available in Google Play environment and the company is developing the app for iOS environment and will be launched shortly. One can upgrade to their premium version by paying an additional Rs. 99 or ($1.99). The premium version provides more detailed statistics with break ups on each activity that’s been on phone.

The app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and more than 3 million times, its been used. The App has received as one of Top 20 Productivity App in 4 countries, Top 50 Productivity Apps in 11 countries and Top 100 Productivity App in 25 countries. The company has developed this app looking to further develop additional features such as to include games and including monthly targets and yearly targets on the usage of phone.

The company has not received any funding till now either any seed Capital or Venture Capitalists or privately placed equity.

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