Break Free : Don’t get addicted to your Smartphone

By | May 15, 2014

Break Free is an Android application where you can get it on the Android Google play, Now a days usage of the smartphone becomes necessary and also addiction to over come this problem Google have develop a new app which is named as Break Free. The aim of this application is to measure how much time you have spend by using smartphone and gives you heads up when it might be time for a break.


Break Free app measures how many times you unlock the smartphone, How long you spend you with phone and also how much time you spend making calls this app will calculate in all these three metrics and also remembers you to slow down when you over gone in this metrics.

The users of this app also able to schedule periods of Downtime with the app of disable the notification sounds and internet. And also can give the automated reply to the messages and automated rejecting phone calls which are not important.

Initially the app break free is free download and for the upgrade purpose you need to spend around $ 1.99 to get premium version to get more detailed stats. Including how much time they have spend in making calls and in individual apps.


Day to day addiction of phone increasing,Look at the above graph to understand about the people how they are addicted towards smartphone. This app is currently available for the Android users, but for the iOS uses the work is in under production.

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