Bouncechat raises $800,000 in seed funding


Bouncechat, an app that allows people to share and communicate with other people and groups closeby, has announced it closing $800,000 in series seed round of funding.


Founded in 2014, Bouncechat is a local sharing app that allow users to capture moments and share with people nearby. Users canĀ  capture moments happening in the local environment and share photos and messages with people who are 100 yards to 100 miles away. The app is still in beta testing phase and founder and CEO Gordon Schaeffer plans to get more users to help prove the concept.

Bouncechat raised its first round of funding in 2014 and now with the new funding, the total capital is raised to $1.2 million. With the new funds, the startup plans to improve its feature and take it to the market soon.

The team would be participating in many events as part of the testing and next weekend it plans to partner with Comic Con Albuquerque to create a feed called Albuquerque Comic Con. The company claims to have done a similar test last year that proved to be successful. “Schaeffer said, “People around you have a lot in common with but you are not friends on Facebook or following each other on Instagram or Twitter, and this connects a lot of people.”

Taking in the considerations and feedback of 1000 users at last year’s launch at SXSW, they are working to be able to connect with not just other Bounce users in their selected location range, but with others who had similar interests.