Bluetooth to get 100 percent speed boost and bigger range in 2016



This is the age of wireless gadgets, we use multiple wireless gadgets like headphones, speakers and some more in our daily life and all these devices connect through Bluetooth. In simple word, Bluetooth has become an essential tech of our lives. The Bluetooth is going to be better in 2016, all thanks to Bluetooth SIG.

Bluetooth SIG is the organization that oversees the Bluetooth connectivity option and according to the group, Bluetooth will become a lot better in 2016. The group has said that it is making some big changes to Bluetooth tech, which will improve the connectivity feature of any Internet of Things devices.

According to Bluetooth SIG, Bluetooth Connection will have four times range and it will also have 100 percent speed boost without consuming more power. These updates are made by keeping all smart gadgets and industrial automation in mind. This means that the data transfer will be faster without consuming more power.

The Bluetooth group is also working on the mesh networking system, which will allow lots of devices to work together to cover up an entire area or building. This will certainly be very useful for homes, as all the connected devices can work together more efficiently. This means that from 2016, we’ll see overall performance improvement for Bluetooth devices.