Bluetooth 4.2 increases data transfer speed, brings direct internet access and more



Bluetooth has become a key part of the mobile world, but many of the people doesn’t have the very basic knowledge of what the technology is actually capable of. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has just announced updated Bluetooth 4.2 version. This new version introduces lot of new features along with enhancements to speed and privacy. This updates brings an amazing feature which allows for Bluetooth over IPv6 protocol and allow the devices to have a direct connection to the internet and open up the possibilities for Bluetooth sensors and other accessories as well.

The privacy feature in the update is specially designed to provide you the more control when it comes to Bluetooth beacons which want to track your location. The new version require the users to give the permission to track your location. The spec includes the new technology which SIG says that “A Bluetooth smart location tracker can only be followed by the owner or trusted group all while consuming the less power. The new spec is more power efficient and includes the FIPS compliant encryption for the secure connections when pairing with devices like Bluetooth home automation products”.

SIG points out that the improved privacy will be key as Bluetooth beacons and the Apple’s iBeacon’s experience become standard in the public spaces. The newly added privacy feature put control into the hands of consumer by making it difficult for the hackers to track a phone through its Bluetooth connection without permission.

In addition to this, new version introduces faster data transfer with up to 2.5x faster with the packet capacity increase of 10x vs previous versions. Of course, almost not any smartphone features the Bluetooth 4.1 version yet, so no need to hold your breath for Bluetooth 4.2 to be the part of your mobile that soon. Some features like privacy protection can be enabled with the software update, but the increase in transfer speeds would require hardware upgrade.